When You Run Out of Synonyms for Messing Up

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit in terms of posting. My “on the road” blogging skills appear to be somewhat lacking. Half-vacations are rarely valuable, but I needed to get out the Twin Cities, and my bank account couldn’t take two weeks off. And while I applied to a few jobs, I didn’t exactly stick to my daily routine. Which means it’s time to check in on last month’s goals.

August action list:

-Wake/get out of bed on first alarm

-Complete couch to 5K program

-Do at least one responsible/adult task each weekday (this does not include job applications)

-At least two job applications/inquiries out each weekday

-Blog every weekday

-Write/research at least 1 full hour each weekday

-Say yes to every safe offer to hang out/meet people



I would like to say that I attempted all of these tasks, but the three seasons of Suits I have under my belt argue against that. For a good while I did quit TV. But the sad truth is that rationing isn’t my forte (that and my two-month wait for Game of Thrones from the library finally came through).

For the most part, I did succeed at my goals for the month. I’ve definitely fallen off at the end, but for much of August I blogged every weekday, I have worked through the Couch to 5K program (today I ran for 25 minutes, and felt like vomiting! YAY PROGRESS!), I’ve applied to over 40 jobs, I’ve worked on my writing pretty consistently (owing much to my wonderful alpha readers), I’ve said yes to quite a few new things. I don’t know if we can call August a rousing success, but, well, I’m not counting it as a loss.

The key, for me, to achieving my goals is to accept my pitfalls. I am far from perfect (last night it took me almost ten minutes to change the lightbulb in my bedroom), but seeing my imperfections as failures is detrimental to my success. Just because I skip a day writing, doesn’t mean I abandon the novel. We make mistakes, this is inevitable. What we control is the grace we give ourselves after the fact. I am not yet the woman I want to be, but that doesn’t mean who I am now isn’t wonderful too.

September action list:

-Wake/get out of bed on first alarm

-Keep apartment relatively clean; do dishes immediately, pick up after myself, scoop litter boxes

-Continue Couch to 5K program

-Do at least three adult tasks (appointments, phone calls, emails) a week

-Write/research for 2 hours every weekday

-Continue blogging every weekday

-At least three job applications out every weekday

-At least one long-lost phone call a week

-Five hours of reading a week

-At least one short story/poetry submission out this month

-Say yes


-Two spoken/written complaints a week

Here’s to having a more positive outlook, and a more successful day. If we fall off the wagon, if we screw up royally, if we watch 17 episodes of House of Cards in one sitting, we are not failures. We have made mistakes. And we are not defined by our mistakes, but rather, how we overcome them.



  1. Can I sign up to be one of the long-lost phone calls? I realize I might not be long-lost so much as a missed-best-friendship (in that we never had the chance to see if we would be best friends because we never truly interacted enough to climb the friendship rope ladder), but I feel like we could fill an hour. Well, assuming my voice comes back (can you believe I lost it?!) and we create an agenda. I hear that’s all the rage these days, friend phone call agendas. We should each create one and then compare notes and then test the theory. You in?

    1. I would love that! I don’t know if we’ve ever exchanged phone numbers, but we can work out the logistics on Facebook, if you don’t mind.
      Also, I want one of these phone call agendas that you speak of. I feel like my life would have more order if I had one in my kitchen by my (imaginary) landline.

  2. So great to see this! I am glad you are not counting anything as a failure, but pressing forward. The things you have crossed out on your list are honestly larger than mine on my mental list (hey! I should write mine down on paper this month). I’m encouraged to see that get out of bed/wake on first alarm is still on your list, as it is on mine. I will do that tomorrow and then text you to let you know I did it. THERE, how’s that for accountability??! I also want to be running at least 2 miles, 4 times per week. So there’s that one too! I proved to myself that I could run more than 2 miles two weeks ago, and have done nothing but a few martial arts classes since then.. Granted, my 2.28 miles was arduous and made me feel like dying, but I made myself stick through it. I’m so proud of your progresses as well! Keep me updated and best of luck to you in the rest of September! 🙂

    1. Oh, thanks! I’ve found writing stuff down really does help, especially if you put it somewhere that’s visible daily (like a whiteboard or a cork board). Did you wake up this morning? I didn’t get a text…
      Your running stuff is super exciting! I’m at 25 minutes, somewhere around 2 miles, I think, but it’s pretty rough. Lots of feeling like I’m going to die. Keep me updated on you too! I’m excited to have you on this journey with me!

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