Oh How the Mighty Fall

Oh man. Last week on Wednesday I was all I can keep running forever, running is great, I love running.



Today is not last Wednesday, folks. No, I am quite far from that doe-eyed optimist of Couch to 5K day 2. She lived a pipe dream. This week I found myself realistically wondering what would happen if I threw up. Where would I do it? In that flower bed? Would some snobby white lady run out of her house screaming about how I ruined her hydrangeas? Would I keep running after that, or officially wave the white flag?

Thankfully I did not puke, but man, there were a few moments. I felt my pace slow to a crawl (I’d look to my right and marvel at just how slowly everything was passing me), and my mind kept screaming “OH GOODNESS WE SUCK SO HARD.” My feet felt like they were barely leaving the ground–I was doing a terrible reverse moonwalk, in slow motion.

And yet, when my darling Constance told me it was time for the cool down, I was ready to run again. I certainly didn’t want to, but I was mentally prepared to (I’m terrible at keeping track of how many reps I’ve done). And I think that is a big part of today’s training, that my body can do more than my brain thinks it can. My legs were ready to run, it was my mind that wheezed “WE’RE GONNA DIE.”

So maybe that’s today’s lesson. That many times I’m in my own way, my own brain sabotaging me into missed opportunities because “we can’t do it, we’re gonna fail!” Perhaps it’s time to start telling your brain to take a seat, because it’s speaking out of turn. SIT DOWN, SHUT UP AND HOLD ON. We’re gonna make it yet.



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